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Mask fitting instructions

- Hold the ear loop of mask with both hands

- Pull the strap of the mask back to the ear and fit comfortable

- Place the nasal wire on top

- Press the nasal wire firmly to cover the nose

- The side on which the earlobe is not connected should face the face

- The mask should cover the mouth and nose

- On the side, the mask should adhere to the face, around the nose and under the chin

- If you feel irritation during use, replace the mask or stop using it

- Do not use the mask if it is torn or physically damaged in any way as the level of protection will be reduced

Maintenance and Usage

You can wear the mask from both sides. The mask is Dual Side Use. The mask Inner/Outer-layer are completely the same, and made of the patented copper material, hence it provides dual side protection.

The mask does not need to be cleaned or washed, and retains its properties even when it is dirty.

Do not Wash |  Do not bleach |  Do not lron  | Dry Flat 

However, if you wish to clean, light stains (i.e. Makeup etc.) of the mask surface, please use a warm, damp cloth or sponge with light pressure on the masks’ surface, and let it dry,

When cleaning, care must be taken not to physically damage the mask surface.

Do not use any makeup remover or detergents materials for cleaning the mask.


Before use, do a thorough inspection of the product. If any part of the product is damaged, replace the entire product immediately.

During use, if you feel skin discomfort, change the mask or stop using it.

Do not use if the mask is torn, dislodged or suffer from any physical damage, else protection efficiency is affected.

Not recommended for people with copper hypersensitivity.

Storage Conditions

The mask shall maintain its proper ties under the following storage conditions:

• Storage Temperature: < 50 °С

• Storage Humidity: < 80%

• Store in а clean, cool, dry, well ventilated room

• For Safety, keep away from the source of fire

• Avoid harmful dust and gas