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After more than a year of official organizations looking for ways to stop the epidemic that is affecting the economy and life of us all, the Israeli Ministry of Health took a step forward and, following rigid testing, approved the first groundbreaking medical mask, Israeli development and production, with the antiviral label.

This scientifically proven medical mask is the first of its kind to kill the COVID-19 in a minute and with a long-term anti-microbial effectiveness.

This groundbreaking Israeli development is based on copper oxide that is incorporated into the non-woven fibers during the fiber production process. The copper oxide, embedded in the fiber itself, has strong antimicrobial properties, which destroys viruses, bacteria and germs that come in contact with the mask in a short time.

The mask is the first in the world to be recognized as a medical mask that kills the virus and assist in reducing Cross-contamination.


Like any medical product, the copper oxide mask has undergone many months of international testing by approved laboratories and institutions and has even gained recognition in several leading professional journals worldwide.

The mask, which was launched at the end of the first wave, created scientific interest among academic bodies around the world, which led the US Department of Health to conduct targeted tests against the virus. The tests were conducted with funding by the US Federal Government, which in itself is a significant achievement since the US government carefully selects the products it tests and approves. Tests have shown that the mask kills the virus by more than 99% and within a minute of science with the mask.

"The masks reduced the infectious titers of SARSCoV-2 by more than 99.9% within 1 minute of contact, as determined by TCID50 assay and serial PCR assays."

Thus, the mask has become the only medical face mask in the world with antiviral capabilities, which neutralizes the virus with high efficiency.

Moreover, a study conducted in laboratories in Finland examined the antimicrobial resistance of the mask and found that the mask is effective and kills bacteria even after six (6) weeks of use. Even better, the Finnish study examined the effectiveness of the copper-containing mask over a standard disposable mask and showed that while the mask containing copper effectively kills the bacteria, the concentration of bacteria on the regular mask increases dangerously, and after 3 hours of use In a disposable mask, the regular mask wears more bacteria into the respiratory tract than it would without a mask at all.

Copper Oxide MedCu Olvitech Antiviral Facemask

So what did the tests prove?

The mask is medical, antiviral with long term efficiency of 6 weeks and Dual-side protection, safe to breathe and kills the virus and other viruses and bacteria that surround us.


The scientific achievement and the mask, which presented a breakthrough in the international community's war against the virus, came into the world several years ago. As of today, the mask with copper oxide was approved in Europe and registered with the German Ministry of Health. It is important to note that since the mask is defined as a medical product, the mask has withstood stringent EU tests and ISO tests for user safety. Millions of masks have been purchased by governments and private entities around the world in order to help lower the level of cross-contamination and morbidity.

The Chinese government was the first to adopt the mask for the medical staff in China, and the latter purchased tens of millions of masks on a monthly basis.

In November last year, the Israeli Ministry of Health certified the mask as a medical mask with the antiviral label. This recognition by the Israeli Ministry of Health paves the way for the assimilation of innovative antiviral medical technology for medical and personal use, and to assist the fight against the plague. Upon receipt of approval from the Ministry of Health, the mask's production process began in Israel.


Stress, anxiety, panic, anxiety, and frustration are a small part of the emotions we have all experienced over the last year. Since the onset of the crisis, guidelines and restrictions have changed so frequently that it has become difficult to follow. Words like "reducing morbidity," "flattening the curve," and "Cross-contamination" have become an integral part of our diary routine, alongside a pile of masks at home, in the car, and in the office.

If at first most of us paid extra care avoiding gatherings, staying in public space, and of course wearing a mask every time we leave the house, then, as time goes by, our need for the routine that includes social gatherings, shopping, trips, and entertainment overcame our fears of infection, along with the understanding that a regular mask does not really constitute a significant protective layer.

In fact, when it comes to masks, most of us have stopped following its condition, or always making sure we take a new one out of the package. At the end of the day, how long can you mess with the masks while we actually understand that they do not really constitute some protective layer?

No one is motivated anymore to change a mask ten times a day, and remember where we put it or what it comes in contact with. And rightly so - we already understood that the common means of protection do not really protect us.

So how much can you mess with the masks, and work for them instead of masks working for us?

This is the only mask that protects you, no matter what

The Copper mask takes care of itself, it does not require washing or sterilization and removes your responsibility to take care of your mask's condition.

While we wait for a solution that will allow us to really get back to a normal life routine, which can take months and even beyond, masks will probably remain an integral part of our lives for a long time to come.


Olvitech Ltd. Company, which is responsible for marketing the mask, says that regular disposable masks do not protect the mask wearer. The company's CEO, Alon Raivit, says that the idea of ​​a disposable mask is to keep the patient, who's lying on the operating table, from any infection that may be transmitted from the doctor. Hence, the regular mask, that most of us use, only protects those around us and not us. Unlike those regular masks, Alon continues, the 'Copper-Oxide' mask contains the copper-oxide both on the inner and the outer of the mask, thus providing two-way active protection, i.e., first and most, it protects the wearer, as well as the surrounding.


The Copper-Oxide mineral incorporated in the mask has a cosmetic effect that helps firm the skin and reduce wrinkles.

The copper oxide material embedded in the mask is healthy for the facial skin. The copper oxide mask does not cause irritation, itching, marks, or sores.


The copper oxide fabric was successfully developed by MedCu Technologies Ltd., an Israeli biotechnology company, as a solution for premium medical Dressing for acute wounds treatment, and it has been proven to be safe and effective against viruses and bacteria and an active factor in wound healing. The scientific achievement backed by over 30 registered patents was approved as early as 2018 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In the medical world, MedCu's development has been used for over a decade to fight infections and heal wounds. And now, the company has harnessed the unique features of groundbreaking technology to provide each and every one of us with the freedom to move confidently in public space.

Unlike other masks that emerged following the epidemic, MedCu's antiviral face mask was developed a decade ago based on the material used for Antiviral dressing to prevent infections. The current outbreak has only accelerated the production and marketing of this special mask worldwide.

When bacteria and viruses come in contact with the copper ions, the copper ions weaken the outer membrane of the virus-cell during the oxidation process. The copper is toxic to the cell, which loses its vital structure and eventually dies. This process kills the virus in a biological process, as well as the flu viruses and many other viruses and bacteria.

Copper is a well-known antiviral and antibacterial substance in the medical world and has a potent effect thanks to copper ions. Copper is approved and registered with the American Environmental Protection Agency for Public Health due to its proven microbial properties.



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