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What Causes Crow's Feet Around the Eyes

Crow's feet are narrow lines etched in the outer corners of your eyes. The wrinkles around your eyes form due to multiple factors, including the aging process and facial muscle contractions like smiling, frowning, squinting, and UV exposure. 

With aging, our skin cells lose elastin and collagen that cause a reducing their ability to repair and renovate themselves and wrinkle and fine lines formation. Also, temporary lines caused by pressing your face against your pillow all night usually lead to permanent ones. Sleeping on the right fabric (like silk pillowcases or cupron pillowcases) could make a huge difference in your skin appearance. At night, we are tossing and turning on the pillow. Sleep on a smooth, glossy fabric with low friction forces is highly recommended because the skin must glide along with the fabric. 


What are the Treatment Options for Wrinkles?

Although crow's feet formation is a natural part of the aging process, we are looking for ways to slow down the process. Here are some popular and well-known measures we can take to prevent eye creases from formation and treat those that already exist:

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Keeping your skin hydrated
  • Using a powerful eye cream
  • Avoiding UV exposure
  • Healthy sleep

The science proves that there is one more solution besides the measures listed above.


Cosmetic Textile Infused with Copper Ions is the New Skin Saver

Today's best beauty products include not only skin cosmetics. Beauty and smart textile can offer more advanced technologies to minimize the signs of aging, the appearance of crow's feet, and wrinkles based on implementing the copper particles into textile. Copper is a valuable ingredient for smart cosmetic textiles due to its various positive beauty and healthcare benefits. 

Copper-Infused Cosmetic Pillowcase Allows Maintaining a Youthful Appearance 

The Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase from Eculage is an overnight solution to decrease the appearance of aging, including fine lines and crow's feet, spots, and acne. The fabric in this pillowcase is infused with copper ions by unique patented Cupron Copper-Oxide technology. The high-quality copper-infused fabric of the pillowcase is designed to provide all-night comfort and refreshed look in the morning. In addition, silky soft material allows avoiding temporary fine lines, tangled hair, and knotting after sleep.

The technology is effective against numerous bacteria, including the one that causes facial acne. Fortunately, constant exposure to copper is extremely toxic to pathogen microorganisms because of its ability to damage bacterial cells when bacteria and copper ions contact. But our skin is not sensitive to copper, and the trace mineral is safe for humans, and the risk of adverse reactions is significantly low. 


What Are Smart Textiles?

Smart textiles are usually science-proven and provide additional advantages, like anti-aging and other cosmetics effects.

Copper oxide-embedded in the pillowcase allows improving skin wellness by increasing the formation of viral proteins. In addition, it is scientifically proven that copper oxide stimulates the production of collagen (which provides strength and structure) and elastin (which provides elasticity and tightness). Elastin and collagen help repair damaged skin, maintain skin elasticity, keep your skin firm and youthful.

The study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed a reduction of wrinkles and crow's feet/fine lines for people who have slept on pillowcases with copper oxide particles for 4 (four) weeks. There was a test group and a control group. Volunteers from the test group used copper oxide-containing pillowcases. Volunteers from the control group were sleeping on pillowcases without copper. The skin conditions of the subjects were evaluated by visual grading by experts and by 3D Image Analysis. In addition, data before and after were compared. As a result, the crow's feet were reduced in the test group after 4 (four) weeks, but none was observed in the control group.

The following process can explain the reduction of fine lines. First, the copper ions liberated into the moisture found between the face and the pillowcase. Next, the copper ions are absorbed through the skin. Finally, the absorbed copper ions cross the epithelial layer and reach the dermis. Once in the dermis, the copper ions stimulate the formation of extracellular matrix proteins, such as collagen, fibronectin, and integrin, which support skin renewal and promote the natural growth of proteins in the skin.

>> Reduction of facial wrinkles depth by sleeping on copper oxide-containing pillowcases: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel, randomized clinical study:

Increased pro‐collagen 1, elastin, and TGF‐β1 expression by copper ions in an ex‐vivo human skin model.

Sleeping on the copper-infused cosmetic pillowcase from Eculage is an advanced way to improve skin's appearance, achieve firm and tight skin, fight sagging, reduce the depth of wrinkles, minimize crow's feet and rejuvenate skin due to the powerful properties of copper.

>>  Eculage™ Skin Revitalizing Pillowcase

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